Tolkien’s Middle Earth Art Grundtner

GandalfWelcome to Tolkien’s Middle Earth Art Grundtner!

Each sculpture/painting you find on this website is unique and available for you. If you’re interested ask for more information and the price for the item under

The guide price for the sculptures with polymaterials is about 300 Euro/400 USD. The paintings oil on canvas are 300 Euro/400 USD. The price for the dioramas is a bit higher. For more details please contact me under

For more information please visit my Homepage

Die Figuren/Dioramen/Gemälde auf dieser Seite sind Unikate und zu kaufen. Bitte um Anfrage nach Details und Preis unter

Der Richtspreis für größere Figuren (bis 20cm, Polymaterialien wie Stoff, Metall, künstliche Haare etc.) beträgt rund 300 Euro. Dioramen kosten etwas mehr.

Die Ölgemälde kosten 300 Euro.

The One Ring
The One Ring

Middle Earth Dioramas: Gandalf w/Balrog, Cave Troll w/Aragorn, Bag End w/Gandalf & Frodo, Witch King on Fell Beast, Smaug w/Bilbo, Treebeard w/Orcs, Sauron’s Eye in Mordor

Sculptures from Nazgul, Gollum & Gandalf (polymaterials)

Middle Earth


The Master of Middle Earth
J.R.R.Tolkien The Master of Middle Earth
The Lord of the Rings
The Lord of the Rings